Today’s traveler doesn’t just want to visit a city, they want to connect to it. That’s why we created Motto – a new brand of micro-hotels designed to offer social hubs, warm workspaces, and personal havens in the coolest parts of the best cities.

An uncommon

Feel the hum of the day and beat of the night at Motto Commons, our activated public area offering casual hangout space, central seating, free Wi-Fi and plenty of outlets. Grab a latte at the café, meet friends for happy hour at the bar, relax or get work done in the open-space, and enjoy feeling connected to our community.

Mobile Check-in and Check-out
Guests can go their own way with mobile check-in and check-out via the Hilton Honors App.

Inviting Social Spaces
From communal tables, to lounge seating, to outdoor spaces, we have the perfect options for relaxing and socializing.

Premium Coffee and Activated Bar
Sip on your favorite made-to-order drink at our coffee house or enjoy a shareable snack at the bar.


Motto’s design ethos is of curated living: comfortable, multi-functional and dynamic.


Averaging 160 square feet or 14 square meters, our efficient, flexible rooms are small but mighty – with all the room you need to unpack and unwind.


A bed that’s fit for one or two. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


A spin-off of our Standard room. Giving you a new view with a corner bed that’s made to curl up in.


Featuring a wall-bed that converts into a sofa – perfect for work or play. For ease from day-to-night or a night-to-day space.


The modern Bunk. Because traveling with friends and family is great, and even better with your own bed.

Enabled Rooms

With Connected Room technology, guests can use their phones to open their door, stream to their TV, control climate, and lighting through the Hilton Honors App. Owners can also manage efficiency and performance using the same smart tech.


Motto hotels will curate a sleep experience that enables the best sleep possible. Whether it’s a premium mattress, a Sleep Kit with curated amenities, a white noise app, blackout window shades, or sound absorbing materials throughout the room, Motto is sleep-obsessed and prioritizes quality sleep for every traveler.


Hilton’s first ever brand with the ability to connect 2, 3, 4 or more rooms in a chain. An innovative new approach to group travel, giving guests the ability to book multiple rooms that connect through internal linking doors.


For You

Whether you’re a guest or local, together or solo, Motto is made for you.
Using Hilton’s global reach and reputation, we’re making urban travel more comfortable and convenient so guests can create their own best experiences. And while we’re happy to host, we’re happy to also let you do your own thing or simply point you in the right direction. But one thing’s for sure: we love the cities, neighborhoods and communities we’re a part of and we want to help you love them too.



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